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Our hourly rates includes everything! Unlimited miles, unlimited stops, and full beverage service. Overtime is based in half hour increments. Most companies charge full hours for overtime.  Drive time to and from is not included for runs under 6 hours.

Pass.     Make   Model       Starting Rates

16-            Ford KK28                  100/hr 

14 -    Mercedes Sprinter Limo    ..... $95/hr

8-    Lincoln Towncar Limousine       70/hr

6-    Lincoln Towncar Limousine       60/hr

7-    Lincoln Navigator SUV              60/hr

Starting rates are based on Monday thru Thursday with a 5 hour minimum. Rentals must originate and ending in South Orange County. These are not weekend rates and not holiday rates.  Drive time to and from may be additional fee, and gratuity is not included in these ALL IN RATES. All rates are quoted Garage to Garage unless the runs exceed 6 hours.

Our rates vary on many factors. The most important is what day of the week and how many hours you need our services for. The second largest factor is which of our vehicles fits your needs. Please call (949) 415-4383.

Call or Text us at 949-415-4383 for an immediate price quote.

Airport Transfer rates (from South OC)


John Wayne from $95 & LAX $155 plus gratuity

RPM Limo’s RATES include the following industry standard fees that our competitors charge customers and forget to mention these nonexistent service fees :




RPM Transportation Charges

0 No parking for any airport pickups

0 Toll Roads fees actual costs no mark up

0 Nothing, there is only a small fee for PUC

0 Parking is free for all curbside pickups

0 No such toll charge at LAX only $5.00

0 Nothing Fuel Surcharges are included.

No Charge to pick you up in OC !

Others Charge                    

Parking at airport $4                

Toll Roads $5-$10                    

PUC  Fees 3-10%            

Airport Arrival Fees $5        

LAX Limo Toll Charge                  

Fuel Surcharges $15 to $20

Travel Time for your pick up  

These surcharges usually add up to $40 to $74 for an airport run and many charge travel time to pick you up. We are located South Orange County and we can be at your house within 10 minutes for last minute trips.


Be sure to get an “All In Rate” when price

shopping, it's the only way to compare equally!


Get a Quote!

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